Service for specialist lifting and rigging equipment

If it’s lifting equipment or securing equipment, The Chainman can provide peace of mind about its integrity, whether it is wire or synthetic rope, chains, shackles, blocks or personal protection equipment.

Inspection & Certification 

Inspecting, testing and certifying specialist lifting and rigging equipment is both best practice and a requirement of both OSH and Lifting Equipment Engineers New Zealand (LEENZ) Rigging and lifting equipment are required to be tested and certified annually. Fall protection and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) require visual inspection and testing every six months.

Equipment Hire

An additional hire service to ensure you have the right tools for any lifting and rigging job large or small. Currently only available from The Chainman, Christchurch branch, our hire service is perfect for all sized,  one-off or infrequent lifting tasks.

Equipment available for hire includes torque wrenches and tools, jacks and tensioning tools, pumps and valves, hydraulic cylinders and various accessories.


If your equipment fails our rigorous testing, The Chainman can repair or replace it in a jiffy to get you back on track. We will advise on the most cost effective option and our team can repair your equipment on-site or at our facilities. We will ensure it’s done right first time and meets all applicable industry standards. The Chainman provides repair services for wire rope and chain slings, synthetic slings, rigging hardware, heavy lifting equipment, chain falls, hoists and hydraulics.

Mobile Service

The Chainman provide a thorough and comprehensive inspection and certification service. Ensuring the safety of your equipment is crucial, so we offer a where and when you need it mobile service. We come to you on-site or at the workshop to inspect, test and certify your rigging and lifting gear before you use it.

Load Testing

The Chainman offers an in-house or mobile load testing service, to ensure your lifting or rigging equipment is fit for purpose. Load testing is performed to determine the strength and load bearing capabilities of equipment under both normal and anticipated peak load conditions. Bring it into us or give us a call and we’ll come out to you.


Snow Chain Supply & Fitting

The Chainman strongly believes in using only the best quality equipment, so it imports its own housebrand of snow chains for cars, utes, trucks and buses. Available for purchase, the Chainman brand of snow chains are suitable for all New Zealand's weather extremes.

Weather its snow or mud you need to make your way through, Chainman has a wide range of chain options, whatever your vehicle.